Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vine suggestion?

I am having a hard time deciding what to plant on my first garden arbor (at entrance to the veggie garden). I am thinking, a passion fruit tree or a Bougainvillea would be good, but i can't decide which is better.

What say you? Any other suggestion? I would like to hear from you, thanks :)


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Tough decision. It will be interesting with passion fruit you get flower then fruit. Bunga kertas is pretty but you get only flower.

Rosey said...

Since I don't really know your planting zone, I can't reccomend. What about something like morning glories?

Autumn Belle said...

Vines have the most beautiful flowers. Is this the backyard? Since it is the entrance to your vege garden, I'd like to suggest grapes or passion fruit. For nasi lemak fragrance, its the kesidang.

Passion flowers, 3 types:

1. Passion fruit plant - edible fruits but less flowers

2. Purple passion flower - beautiful flowers and fragrant like perfume

3. Scarlet passion flower - gorgeous bright red flowers

Good luck!

YUZIE AMIR said...

i suggest ragoon creepers..the flower has very sweet smell.u will love it.

Mary said...

What about a Chocolate Vine?

It's blooms smell like cinnamin.

The only thing....it is slow growing or least mine has been.

Autumn Belle said...

Rangoon creepers also blooms abundantly, has fragrance and you can see 3 colours in shades of pink and white. Very beautiful for the front portion of your garden, 'cos it is very showy.

milka said...

Dear All,
Thank you for all the suggestions. Morning Glories, Passion trees, Ragoon Creepers, Choc Vine.. they are all in my consideration! Thanks a lot for the help. I'll go to the nursery this evening after work to see the real plants, and choose which is the best :)
Appreciate your comments!