Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grapes are ripening!

Can you spot the grapes on the vine?

And you ask, you can actually plant grapes here in M'sia??!
They are not real, hahaha.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I think you can grow real grapes in Malaysia because I read someone Blog from Malaysia (can't remember who it was)that has success growing grapes in Msia. I like the way you decorate your garden:)

Bangchik said...

Are you sure those are plastic grapes?... haha.. Some has grown grapes in Malaysia. Sendayan Fruit Valley — a vineyard and orchard located on a 20ha site is a fine example. ~bangchik

milka said...

Thank you Malay-Kadazan girl and Bangchik for the comments. I've read the articles on growing grapes in M'sia. Yes grapes can be possible planted here but i bet it wont be as healthy and nice and sweet as mine, hahaha. Sedayan Fruit Valley is really a miracle. Anyone tried the local produced grapes before? Wonder is it sweet???

Rosey said...

I have some of these grapes, growing inside! Haha

YUZIE AMIR said...

hai..just blog hopping!..
nice blog..i'm sure will always open it.
oh ya. i have 2 grape vine at my yard.but still haven't produce fruit yet.