Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look, who's in the garden?

I took these pics this morning and wanna share with you.
This is the little space i like. I spend most of my time here on my day off, day dreaming... and there are always so much things to do here.

I keep the flowers and vegetables seeds in the 4 drawers, on the wall. The pink and yellow containers on top of the drawers are used to dry the seeds, currently i have lady fingers and chilies in the yellow container. The white cabinet on the floor keeps my junk. The blackboard noted down what i'd fed my plants with on last fertilizing days. The little house is my garden trash, where i throw all the spent flowers from deadheading. And the signboard written there ,"The Queen Bee Lives Here" *smile*.

I bought a bicycle for this lovely couple. They need one, when im not around.

I planted something in the bird feeder late last night.
The birds don't need this, they love to share food with Roy, my dog.

I planted this Daisy 2 years ago and she is still giving me flowers.

This one is courtesy of the birds. I didn't plant this.

My fav Marigold keeps the pest away.


I bought this from the nursery at RM10. Petunia- rare species, hehe.

Roses, giving me flowers for N times. They love milk.

That's all for today, i hope you enjoy the tour :)
Happy Thursday!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Milka,
It looks beautiful. I love that the birds share their food with Roy, how lucky is he?! The birds here are scared of Zeke because he's so big, he runs out there to play and they fly away.

Everything looks so neat and tidy in your garden, you make me want to work on mine and you inspire me. I hope it cools down so I can get out there again, it's been terribly hot this week.
Chat soon, have a good wkend too.

Carolyn said...

Hi Milka,
you have a cozy place to spend your free time. I love the bicycle you bought for your garden couple!


Autumn Belle said...

I love your 'space'. I like to have fantasy in my garden too but you are more creative. Where did you get the lovely bird feeder? Did your lantana attract many butterflies? I didn't know that milk is good for roses. You mean you water them with milk?

milka said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments.

My Roy is a friendly & kind hearted Doberman, haha.

Autumn Belle:
I bought the bird feeder from a local nursery, at RM40 if not mistaken. My Lantana is not growing well. She has lesser flowers compared to last few years.. maybe bcoz it is propagated through grafting? She is sitting on 4 trunks. Not sure does she attrack butterflies as there are always butterflies in my garden. Yes, i water my roses with milk, expired or when my daughter cant finish her milk. No waste :)

Bangchik said...

Milka, a nice space to relax and dream about.... and definitely a colour dream! ~bangchik

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hi Milka,
Lovely space you have there. I been thinking of buying the tame birds outside of our house a place to feed them instead of just leaving the food on the ground.

Rosey said...

What a beautiful spot to tend and care for. I think your Petunias are exquisite. I am not a plant snob so any flower is special to me.
I like how you planted something in your bird bath, good idea.

Darla said...

I just peeked through your blog, very delightful over here. You have a fantasic area. Love the yellow Gerbera Daisy and the volunteer below it is Torenia or Wishbone, it is quite aggressive here.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Milka. Your garden room is just so pretty.The couple is so sweet in the garden, and yes they needed that bicycle.
What a wonderful petunia. I just love it and the colors.

Mary said...


Everything looks so pretty!

I can tell you love gardening because it really shows.

Your bird feeder is adorable!

Have a great weekend!