Monday, August 16, 2010

Johnson, Johnson where are you?

Pic taken on 20/07/2010
An old pic taken from my Facebook. Meet Johnson the kitty cat - he came to my house everyday without fail to nap and play, and went home at late evening. But i haven't seen him for the past 2 weeks..?? Wonder is he ok? Or does he has a better place to hang out these days? Oh I miss him!

See the windchime i just bought? (It is a thrift buy! yeah~)
Too colourful here, i bet you can hardly see it haha..


Teng said...

now i know what u meant last night...johnson the kitty cat...

Tete said...

I found your blog on the blog hop. You have done a great job and I love all the little things you do. Your thrift store finds are fun! It shows that you enjoy your space and are very creative. More people will find you and love it, too!
Keep blogging!