Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BEFORE & AFTER side garden

Our house has been constantly evolving since we moved in, because that is milka- me, who is staying here, lol. It is a 80 years OLD house with some land. The house was in a very bad condition- in or out. Like most of the young couples, we didn't have much to spend on our newly wed home so we transformed the space bit by bit and ofcourse with minimum budget. Showing below the before and after pics of my playground- the side garden, which is also my wonderland :)

BEFORE - 2006
It looked awful, we were like living in a desert. Soon we did some tree work, planted some pearl grass, laid the land with cement for easy maintenance (i would prefer some stone path but budget.. budget...), built a glass patio (that's my studio!).. etc etc but the house remains green because it is my fave colour :)) And now here’s the after..

AFTER - June 2010
Before the tree is trimmed, the curtain is up, and some minor here and there..

AFTER - August 2010
Now.. do you feel like visiting me? ^_^

That's the before and after for today.
Happy Wednesday!


Rosey said...

I could spend some time relaxing there. I like your color scheme!

Tete said...

You did a wonderful job and added so much color and fun to a boring spot! I love the tree. It's perfect for the area and gives some nice shade. I could sit out here and enjoy the view.
I don't know why you didn't get more comments on this!
Hugs- Tete

Food so delicious! said...

I think you did a super job! Well done...

Hehehehe.. would you invite me to your place and let me admire your house? I will bring some scones and pies....

Open Kitchen Concept said...

I have re-read this post so many times to just look at the pics! Lovely! I wish I had a big garden like you!