Friday, August 13, 2010

After a mini project now comes the BIG project hehe

This is the thing that keeps me busy for the past few days -- and coming days!!

I always wanted to transform my back yard into a vegie garden but lack of $, lack of inspiration, lack of time.. had postponed the whole thing till today.

This is an impromptu project- i made this with my liquid paper on the table, LOL.
We have a spacious back yard as "Roy's Residence" for our house guard - Roy, a very active Doberman who is turning 5 this coming December. He loves running mad in his territory but i just thought we could make the land more useable..

And so i drew out this plan, i want a vegie garden in my back yard!! To grow my tomatoes, parsley, beans etc etc in the 4 planned vegie beds.. And some papaya trees (and maybe a durian tree??) at the right corner.. And a row of white picket fence, with an arbor of climbing Bougainvillea - my dreamed climbing Rose is impossible for this climate :-( ..
So what will the project be like? Don't forget to come back if you wanna know :-)

Wishing you all have a fabulous weekends, in the garden! :))

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Heather said...

Hello Milka, just found your blog through the garden blob hop! Good luck with your veggy garden!