Monday, August 9, 2010

Mini project

I got this little stool for free from Bonuslink redeemed at 2.7k points (it is free, yay). It is initially meant for my little one but the stool legs are unstable and is dangerous for sitting esp for a young child. So, project again, for use as... with.............

My fave brush from 100Yen shop :)

My ♥♥ white paint :))

And it has a new coat now :)))
(P/S: Did you notice the surrounding was dark? It was almost midnight, in the garden hehe - i bet my neighbour was peeping me again haha)

And then now the stool is sitting in the garden. Looking as good as before huh? Or even better?? Haha.
So what did you do over your weekends?

Happy Monday everyone!!

1 comment:

Rosey said...

I have gone through phases of painting things white. I even painted my piano white. I love it! this stool looks so cute in white!