Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finding way out... more wooden signs

Do you regret your profession?

If i had a do over, i would not choose accounting. I don't become an accountant because i love the work, it's because i was only good in numbers and i couldn't figure out what other subject i could further study (sad case), and everything about being an accountant looked pretty damn good to me- the status and especially $$. But as i walked along the path that i'd chosen, i can tell you how much i hate my profession. Because of my profession, i have to hold such post in the company and to be everybody's PA- especially in financial planning, that sometimes involved family issues. Because of my profession, everybody thinks that i get easy money from the business, out from the safe any time and in to my pocket, just like that. Because of my profession, i have to face so many people who are eyeing on my boss's money, and you know that people get close to you for a reason! Because of my profession, i have countless sleepless nights when i discovered something odd in the business that i can not voice out and when i have to do thing that is not according to my wish or against my professional ethics. And because of my profession, i'm everybody's enemy in the office, everyone is hiding something from me... I feel so hopelessness sometimes. I wanted to quit for long but who is going to safeguard the business then? Maybe i'm the only one who thinks that i'm so important to the company but actually i'm not?

Doc said, "Don't stress, it will worsen your eyesight." Don't stress- it's always easy to say. Life is never easy. Sometimes i think it's better if i get blind only then i will learn how to let go. Stupid.

Meanwhile, money is still good to me, but i don't need that much of it to have a fine life. Life is more about doing interesting things and having fun, and spending time with your loved ones at home. So i decided it was time to find something else and started a small business of my own. Some small wood work business. I'm an accountant who prefers to hold a saw. Sigh.

"Leave your worries at the door"
Some wordings were added on the plate i bought.

I need rest.
Daulat Tuanku.


One said...

My friend. You are very good at wood craft. They are all gorgeous!

I understand what you are saying. Don't wish to be blind. Wish to do what you love to do. Make more signs. Why not put them up on the internet for sale? I'll be your customer. :)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Perhaps you need a vacation my dear. I thought you were planning too. I wish I have another profession too. You are very gifted. I would order some, still I am a student can I have a student discount ;-). When you feel very stress take things one at a time and do things that you love. When I am very stress I can sit out cold at night and do some seed sowing. Make my mind clear.

Eagles' Wings said...

Its one of those days, right? Yeah. I have them too. When everything seems so cloudy. Its good that you are aware of your frustration and doing something about it. That's a good start. Maybe its not time to change profession but Company. When you carry too much burdens you can become overstressed.

I stopped full time job 11 years ago & worked part time because I felt that I was not indispensable to my Company but my kids cannot find another Mum. So take care of your eye sight because you love your child & Hubby.

The unfortunate truth is that, no matter how good you are as an Accountant, you can be replaced by another Accountant. But your child will NEVER be able to find another Mum just like you :-)

Lastly, take a break. Take a week vacation and do something which makes you happy. Doesn't have to be expensive. Preferably not one of those hectic China tour! Just hang loose and do nothing much at a nice resort... eat, sleep, read, watch TV, play with your kid & hubby... all these things are good for the soul.

I know I am being a little long winded but I have been there and done that.

Your "Journey of my Gardening" friend

ROUGH.ROSA said...

Milka... I'm so envious of your talent. Not just that, u have the eye for beautiful things and making things look beautiful... Something that is far from a trait of an accountant, who meddles only with figures and numbers.

Malar said...

I think you're having very stressful working life!
Anyway beautiful wooden signs! You're very talented! I would like to buy! Any place for me to refer for pricing and type?

milka said...

Thank you all for your support and courage, i'm touched. Time will cure me and i'll be fine. Appreciate your friendship :)

R. Neafus said...

Oh Milka...I hate to hear you like this.I do understand.No matter what we do in life there are days when the world seems to close in on us. I love to read an author named Wayne Dyer,rather new age I guess in his beliefs but he teaches that we can never control ANYONES actions....all we can control is our reactions. Another one I love that he has said is "your opinion of me is none of my business"
Keep doing what makes you happy whenever you can and focus on that....who knows what those thoughts will deliver to you!! I wish you peace =)

Rosey said...

My daughter was studying accounting for a year and quit. After what I read, I am glad she did. Now she is trying to find something she loves.
May you find joy in life and peace in your choice of what to do next.
Your signs are amazing, you should sell them.

Rosey said...


kitchen flavours said...

Hi Milka, you are really talented with the wooden signs. They are all beautiful! You should really sell this!
I know what you are going through. I was in the accounts before I quit. Deadlines to meet, finalizing to be done, sleepless nights worrying, we go through all this and all the extra miles, with just a fixed pay-cheque. It was stressful, as I handle the admin as well as purchasing, stock control, etc..., finally I quit! I feel happier, so much lighter and the pressure is no longer there! I told my children if given a choice, do not choose accounts as their profession! Why count someone else's money instead of your own (so to speak!), it is really stressful! I'm happy now, gardening, baking and cooking, that's what I love doing! Good luck in your wood sign business. Why don't you start a sales blog for this? Just like One says, I'm happy to be your customer!

Food so delicious! said...


Hehehe.. if you are selling your wooden signs, I wanna buy! How do I order?

By the way, dont stress about work. It is not worth it. Life is too short to be greying over somebody's money. Do what you are required to do professionally and ethically. The rest, let it be.

Oh.. by the way, I have some seeds for you from London.. Do let me know how or where can I send them to.

milka said...

Feeling better already. You guys make me feel so warm, hehe. Love you all :)

Terrie said...

Hi Milka, Do whatever you want and love is life. Your works are gorgeous. You can have home business and spend more time with kids.
Enjoy all the good time.
Your sunflowers are thriving, more than 14 flowers and facing every direction. Your seeds bank is full, right?

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Do come again.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. I just read this post. I was accountant trained as well so I can understand how you feel when you say you don't choose this profession because you love it! You sound like you do a need a break, dear. Take care! You are very good with wood work indeed. I would think many would love you buy it! Maybe you can try selling first on etsy?