Thursday, January 20, 2011

Passion fruit vine

I gave my passion fruit vine a hair cut today.

1 October 2010

1 January 2011
(Ok, i know this trellis looks funny)



I grew my passion fruit vine on a 3-ring support initially as i wanted it to grow on a small structure. This vine has been growing so fast that it ended up with a thick, tangled mess of dead wood. Since it has not been fruiting after i put it in ground, i decided to prune it today. I cut out everything that is dead and weak, and eventually left only the main branch. I hope i pruned it right and also hope it will set fruits on new growth :)

Is this the right way to build a trellis for a passion fruit vine?
Good night.


One said...

Err...there's nothing much left. The ones I saw in D'Paradise were very beautifully grown. The fruits hung above our heads as we walk in the pathway. I've shared that photo in my D'Paradise post a few months ago, probably April. I'm growing them too but I didn't build what they did so its looking messy.

Rosey said...

I bet it will recover.
I once used to craft trellis out of willow twigs. I think if a plant wants to GROW it will grow up anything you provide.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I heard that passion fruit grows so fast. You make me want to go to the nursery now and grab a passion fruit tree.

Lrong said...

Sorry, my passion fruit tree died from the cold... they need a glass house to grow here in my place ;(

p3chandan said...

Dont worry Milka, your passion fruit will grow back nicely after this...hopefully..:) Thats how I prune my mulberry tree. Botak semua!

Vendange said...

Don't lose hope, You never know!

thanks for stopping by.

milka said...

One: Haha yeah.. botak! Yep i saw someone posted in FB about the passion fruit vine in D'Paradise, that plant really amazing that it covers the whole roof. I wanna keep mine small, it makes me very 'geram' to see things messy, haha.

Rosey: I'm shy to show the trellis that i built, haha.

Diana: I think you have already decided what to grow on your arbor :) This vine need to be trimmed regularly i guess, else it will become very messy.

Lrong: Growing tropical plants in cold country is not easy. Not only have to put in x100 effort but also $$$. Hope your other on-the-list-plants will grow better this year.

p3chandan: So syok cutting, cutting until botak baru realised it left only satu batang! lol

Bangchik said...

Grape vines are pruned naked immediately after fruiting... Plants generally are quite used to pruning, so it should be ok with your vine...