Sunday, January 23, 2011

My 'no eye see' corner

This is the front of my house that i have kept some tropical plants for years with no real care, fertilizer and even no water sometimes (ouch, i know this is cruel) - mostly because i forget about them - but they thrive on my neglect (ho ho).

** "Mou Ngan Thai"冇眼睇 - no eye see, literally translation of a Cantonese phrase meaning that 'don't care much'.

Dracaenas and Jasmine

Foxtail palms

Frangipannis outside the wall

Elephant ear vine

Philippines grass - trim every month

Ponytail palm

Ivy (Hidera Helix)

Lace fern - at the entrance to the garden

I feel that these undemanding plants take care of themselves and maybe just want to be left alone to do their things - which is perfect for me :) Do you also have a 'no eye see' corner that you're shy to tell but at the same time you're proud to show? Haha.

Happy Sunday.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I have never seen this corner of your house garden before except the elephant ear vines for Wordless Wednesday. They look great Milka. I am afraid I have many neglected ones but it is a sore-eye...hehehe...its too hot here Milka, I can't garden and nothing grows.

Lrong said...

Frangipannis are a lovely plant, don't you think?

Mary said...

I have never heard of an Elephant plant vine before.

We can grow hugh Elephant Ear plants in this area during the summer but we have to dig up the bulb before winter.

Oh...I can't wait until I can play in my garden. Your pictures are beautiful!

Malar said...

You have such a beautiful Frangipannis!
All your plants look great!

Hopewell Creek Designs said...

I always enjoy seeing your green thumb at work. I sure hope this spring I can do a little better on our vegetable garden.We call it our mystery just never know what will live,what will die and what will go nuts and take over the whole area! Ha Ha