Thursday, January 13, 2011

Acerola cherry

Possibly the richest source of vitamin C among fruits, Acerola cherry is extremely popular for its health benefits. Historically, the cherry has been used to treat dysentery and fever. Recent research suggests that the cherry possesses anti-inflamatory and astringent properties.

The cherry can help with:

  • Immune function
  • Dysentery
  • Diarrhea
I find this cherry is a very good home remedy for sore throat, i eat it green as green fruit has twice the vitamin C level of mature fruits (also because i could not win the birds- the birds always find the red fruits first before me!). Read here for more facts on Acerola cherry.

Acerola cherry powder selling in market.
(picture from google)

My 7 feet tall Acerola cherry plant at home.

Can you believe that the vitamin C content found in one cherry is equal to the minimum daily requirement needed for our body? I finally got chance to taste it red today. It tastes sour!


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I never heard about it before, but it does look familiar though. I hope the birds won't go cherry picking at your tree. Thats great to have a sore throat remedy just around the house.

p3chandan said...

Wow! Thats a tall tree and what a tree, producing red cherries! No need to take vitamin C pills in that case, you can just pop the little cherry in your mouth every day!

One said...

Haha! It looks beautiful but didn't taste that good, right? Wonder if it would taste sweeter if riper. But then, the birds may have found it.

Bangchik said...

for a minute i thought those lovely fruits are apples, until the hand showed it wasn't, but a cherry.

Hafez Carlucci Zahruddin said...

Wow, eyes surely can deceive! By the red colour, I thought that it tastes sweet! I had no idea that it is sour.

fer said...

I had no idea cherries had so much vitamin C. I will eat much more from now on.