Saturday, October 2, 2010

A little disappointed :(

I wanted to grow a passion fruit tree on the arbor.
I ordered one from a local nursery and it arrived yesterday evening.

The tree is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
It can't fit in my arbor :(
I planted it somewhere else :((

I ended up shifted a Bougainvillea from the pot in here. How about training a Bougainvillea (non natural climber) to climb? I saw some beautiful Bougainvillea on arbors from the internet but i know it is not easy to grow it this way. Anyway, i wanna give it a try. See, Morning Glory is standby beside in case she couldn't make it. Let's keep fingers crossed :)


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Good luck with the bunga kertas (I cannot spell it right in English). They can climb but might take longer time before they climb and have to train them I guess. My mama bunga kertas has already made it self at home on the rooftop and spreading itself at the rooftop tiles at least 3metres. Maybe the passionfruit needs a lot of pruning to train it to climb the arbor. Might one to google "espalier'.

Autumn Belle said...

I'm so sorry the passion fruit tree didn't work out. Yeah, it can't fit into the little hole in your arbor. If it is the passion fruit passiflora, you will be rewarded with healthy-giving fruits. I'm trying to grow the scarlet passiflora and I planted it in a flower pot, hopefully it will vine around my house fence.

Bougainvillea with hard woody stems are more difficult to train and these are usually grown in pots, even as bonsai. Nowadays, there are some varieties of bougainvillea that have softer green branches and variegated leaves. They are easy to train and you can bend and 'spiral' the branch. You can even make them cascade down from a certain height. The nursery owner will be able to tell you which one, if you are not sure when buying from seedling. The next step is proper pruning. For this method you can easily get from gardening books or google search.

Morning Glory is a fast grower, like a wildflower or weed here, depending on which variety. It would be a joy to see the flowers opening to greet you every morning! Have a happy weekend ;-)

Rosey said...

Too bad you couldn't plant where you planned.
It looks like a lovely color ofblossom. I could use some passion. Ha.

Bangchik said...

Bougainvillea can be trained well. A friend did it by retaining just a stem and let it grew as long as it could. Then while the stem was still small, he wound it round the pole and tied.

milka said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments and courages (yes i need them) and teaching me on how to train a Bougainvillea to climb, appreciate very much.

Malay-Kadazan girl: I can imagine how beautiful your mama's house is with lotza lotza blooms around!

Autumn Belle: The nursery owner told me the one i bought is the same with the one i wanted to buy (with fragrance). I know they are not the same, but i couldn't find Purple Passion Flower anywhere here :( Another X#$@! is that the contractor left only this little hole (alamak) for the plant. It was too late when i saw it back from work :((

Rosey: I also have Morning Glory as you suggested earlier... i think i'm too greedy and wanted them all, haha.

Bangchik: I see some people make the Bougainvillea as tree and it is so beautiful. I don't know did i do it right to tie the stems this way? Let's see how it grows later :)