Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday already! Wa-ha!

This air-cond is a left-over from the previous owner(s) of No.2 (my house has got a name :)) and it is more than a decade old. The project now is to give it a new coat, a new look. How about... white?

Looking fresh again! Oooh, i love white!!

While my Sun Parasol is enjoying the heat and the sun...

My cherry tomatoes on the other hand look so pitiful struggling in this climate.
It's a good try to plant this anyway! :)

P/S: THANKS GOD, IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your weekends, folks! (^_^)

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My Garden Haven said...

Hi Milka,
I made my first visit to your blog today, and was surprised that you are blogging from Malaysia. I had seen your comments in some other blogs. Happy to learn that your interest is in garden ornaments. Mine too.But I've got a lot to do to organize my garden. Yours look so neat and pretty. Come visit my page Malaysian Garden Bloggers' Corner and we'll have coffee-talk there!