Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rain, rain, go away!

it's July n the rainny season has just begun n the weeds n diseases r spreading fast. sharing herewith a series of pics of my baby Michelia Figo trying her best to bloom during this season.

21/07/2010, 8.14am

22/07/2010, 8.29am

22/07/2010, 8.30am

22/07/2010, 6.29pm

23/07/2010, 9.01am

23/07/2010, 9.01am

25/07/2010, 9.25am
boo-hoo--- the rain came down so hard lastnight n washed away the bud.. i was sad for 2 days over this, it would be her very first bloom if that was a success :((((
anyway, life goes on... i was happy again yesterday n went to my fav nursery to look for my gardening kaki Ah-Yee n i was given (FOC! hehe!!) this white flower pot for my red Sun Parosol, nice? oh ya, n i played wires again, i want her to climb to cover up this ugly drainage pipe. will be posting pics on how she does later :)

growing Parsley can be slightly more of a challenge to me when compared to growing other herbs bcoz it requires long germination period n the seeds seldom germinated. n so i must make sure they r protected well during this season..

joke of the week! i wore slippers to work today!!
i was so bz snapping pics in the garden n forgot to change... hahaha

Happy wednesday n happy working to all of u ^_^

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Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a sweet little bloom that would've been. We live in the high desert, so we have to water like crazy to get things to grow. We wish for more rain:-)