Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sorry folks, this blog is abandoned.

Thank you for all the messages i received asking if i'm doing okay. I'm doing fine and i hope the same to you too. FYI, i started my seed business last year end and just couldn't squeeze in time to come back to blog. Please feel free to unfollow me here ya.. On the other hand you can always find me on Facebook at Miruku's Garden.
Thank you for your companion and support for the past few years. I truly appreciate all your comments and friendship.

milka aka miruku (it means milka in Japanese ;)


I wong (依之汉) said...

huuuuhh. that is sad. Suppose you can post short entry but well I hope ur business is doing ok.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. I'm sad as well :( Nvm, I'd follow you on your new blog and facebook. Pls do put pictures of your lovely home and garden on facebook to share also, ok? :)

The Seasonal One said...

Congratulations on your new business! Happy for you.

Mr Lonely said...

dun go ~