Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I first learnt the word 'grapevine' in my B.Comm class many many years ago and today i learnt that a grapevine also means a vine that bears REAL grapes, lol. It is not new anymore to grow grapes in tropical climate. Now that i have a grapevine growing in the garden (bought from the nursery in mid Feb), my concern is will the vine produce edible fruits?

And today's harvest... to be in the soup for tomorrow
Daikon & old cucumber
sow: 8/05/2011, harvest: 26/07/2011

Good night!


Tete said...

We have tried many times to do grapevines and cannot get them to grow! We have one that came up on it's own and left it alone and it is doing great!
A large grapevine like we had when I was a child takes many years to bear enough fruit to can jelly or juice. We had two large ones, would it be better to place yours in the ground in the back yard to grow the next several years?

Malar said...

Your grape vine look good! I don't have experience with grape vine. May be they will bear fruits soon for you!

That's good harvest for meal!

Rosey said...

That is one plant I have never tried to grow. I would love to harvest my own grapes!
My uncle used to grow grapes and I remember walking among his vines when I was little.
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you are well.

Terrie said...

I've grown grapevines in my old house. The fruit was so sour but the leaves did shade for us. BTW, thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. Here're lots of beautiful spots to visit. Do le tme know if you want some info.Enjoy your meal with the big harvest.

Sunray Gardens said...

That has sure grown a lot. Good luck on the fruit.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

You might want to ask p3chandan some tips of growing grape in tropics. I remember she had grapes for raya last year. Nice harvest...does the old cucumber have seeds? You might want to keep them as they grow really well in your garden. Your husband or you cook this time?;-).

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Beautiful vine! Even if no fruits... wow.. I think it is beautiful!

My garden haven said...

Hi Milka, I know how even having only leaves on our own grapevine is a thrill for us grapevine planters in the tropics. Mine gave me really sour grapes, but each new fruit gave me a thrill.Yours will thrill you too.

kitchen flavours said...

Your grapevine is looking great! My sis planted hers in the ground, and the plant bear fruits in the second year, the fruits are sweet! Now her plant has a few clusters of grapes growing, not many, but so cute!
Your harvest is fantastic! Your spring onions is so fresh! I love your 'loh wong kuah'! It is quite costly in the market, a medium sized one, cost me RM5.80 last week! :)

milka said...

Tete: I didn't know grapevine can grow so well in our climate. It's too late to transplant it to the back yard now :(

Malar, Rosey, Terrie, Sunray Gardens, Open Kitchen Concept, Rosie: Thank you. I hope the grapes are sweet! :))

Diana: Neither my hb nor myself, it's my helper at home. The soup finshed the same day, it was tasty!

Kitche flavours: I heard many are saying those fruits we get here are not edible. Your sis sure has a special technique to raise the plant. Yeah, old cucumbers are expensive, that's why i always keep them until it's old enough to harvest. My daughter loves old cucumber soup!

One said...

Yours is so neat! I have one climbing up the sugar apple tree. It's a big plant now but still hasn't bear any fruits. I also heard that the fruits would be sour.

Autumn Belle said...

The grape vine has beautiful leaves. Milka, you are really an artist in your garden and I enjoy looking at your creations.

J.C. said...

That's nice ~ daikon and old cucumber and spring onion! You can make old cucumber soup and daikon salad.

Btw, I love the neatness of your garden! I love gardening but I just don't know how to keep my garden tidy and attractive!!

My next door neighbour has a big grape plant. They brought it back from Melbourne and it has been growing for years. One day I saw a big bunch of purple grapes hanging on it and got excited. Only later I realized that the bunch of grapes were fake! The grape has not bear any fruit since it was planted. Sigh!