Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fresh from the garden!

Er, i mean the photos :P
Some updates on my garden.

New buds getting ready to bloom
Sinningia speciosa




Water Jasmine

Plumbagoa uriculata


New lifes

Veggies update


Sweet corns and kailan



Ladies' fingers

Cili padi


Fruits and other edibles
Passion fruit tree on my very weird trellis


Citrus microcarpa

Kaffir lime

MINI Miracle fruit tree bought 3 months ago- Bangchik, this cost me RM40 :~(



(本地)红樱果 - A home remedy for cough
I've never tried the fruits red, the birds always get them before me.
I put down my camera and return for this but it was gone in just seconds!

Happy New Year, Happy Weekends, and Happy Gardening!


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Everythin getting ready for next month Chinese New Year. Maybe you can try netting so the birds can't have it all;-) like the cherry. Your passionfruit grow very fast, do you know how long it will bear fruit? This few week I have been considering to buy small grafted plant. But don't know whether it will set fruit before I finish my studies.

milka said...

I don't know how long it will take until the passion fruit tree bears fruits, Autumn Belle may know the answer :) But as far as i know, you may need to hand-pollinate the flowers, and the flowers only bloom for 1 day. So, sounds not easy to get fruits also. I just let it there without any special care... since i bought it already and it can't fit my arbor :(

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Happy New Year! Wow, you can grow Camellia and Parsley.. that's amazing. Lots of new growth in your garden.. may you have lots of good things growing in your garden and in your life for 2011! :)

Bangchik said...

Price doesn't matter much. Fish and chips over in Putrajaya Marriott Hotel costs something like RM40 whereas an ordinary restaurant at Putrajaya Precint 15 will charge RM10....

Hope your miracle berries will appear soon! ~bangchik Kelantan.

fer said...

So many great crops in your garden! Everything looks like it will grow nicely. I hope you get to win some of the fruit from the birds.

Malar said...

Everything seems to grow very well in your garden! As what MKZ told, try putting some net to protect your fruits!