Sunday, December 12, 2010

CDs... ice cubes... sunflower!!

Some simple things i did in the garden today.

Placing some old CDs in the veggie raised beds to repel flies and to deter other pests from stealing my veggies. I don't know how effective it is but since i don't like the idea of using harsh chemicals in the garden to chase away or kill pests, this can be a good alternative, if it works. No harm trying.

I finally bought a poinsettia. I thought of not getting any this year as the blooms and plants don't last long and it is very sad to see them go every time after the season but... i did it again! Poinsettias are just so festive for the holidays, how can i resist? The gardener told me to put some ice cubes on it to prolong the colours on the leaves. I googled, most of the articles would only tell you this "Do not put ice cubes, coffee or cigarettes in the pot...". I'm confused, put or don't put? I gave it a try anyway.

This... can you reassure me that my seedling sprouts? Hah!! This is one of the sunflower seeds from Diana that i sowed and it sprouts!! I'm so happy to see this little life begins.

Okay okay, i know i shouldn't be here when i'm on medical leave (on and off for a month now, due to blur vision) but i can't help myself as i'm too used to computer and blogging now. Seeing the doctor again tomorrow, another off day for me. Oh i love being at home :))


Nanniepannie said...

So sorry to hear about your blurred vision, I hope everything is okay. Enjoy your time in the garden, I'm sure you'll be back and work before you want to.

p3chandan said...

CDs for pest repellent? How do they work, something new here! Take a rest and enjoy yourself at home Milka..

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Wonderful that the sunflower seeds are already sprouting. Kwee Ping the author of ONE blog also said hers are already germinating as well. Sorry to here about your blurry vision. Hope you have a good rest.

Autumn Belle said...

Milka, I hope you didn't plant the poinsettias in a sunny place. If you do, the red leaves will all turn green very soon. We buy the poinsettias in pots and bring them indoors as a decoration on the mantle piece or windowsill. The poinsettias flowers are yellow and very tiny. The red bracts are actually leaves forced to turn red by plant growers by putting them in at least 12 hours of darkness every day for some time.

The ice cubes won't help. The only way to prolong the colour of the leaves is less sun exposure, i.e. keep them indoor inside your house. I only plant them on the ground after all the leaves has turned green or dropped off. Thereafter, we can get a shrub with green leaves, never again red unless we force it using the darkness and light method which needs much skill and discipline.

You can also use crushed egg shells on the beds. I am worried the CDs are too bright when they reflect the sunrays and may not be good for our eyes.

Lastly, I hope you get well soon and your vision will improve after the doctor's visit.

milka said...

Nanniepannie, p3chandan, Malay-Kadazan girl:
Thank you for your concern. My eyes are getting better with less pc :D

Autumn Belle:
Thank you so much for the advice. I plant my poinsettia in the ground because i think the red will last for maybe another month only and by then i will have to move it to the ground if i keep it indoor now. Also, that's the only place i will see it more when i'm at home, in the garden :) Anyway planting it beside the solar lamp is already a big No-No. I don't know how effective the CDs are, i still see flies everywhere, lesser or the same? I can't count them, haha..

One said...

Lovely poinsettia. Others are using lukewarm water and over here, we use ice. Haha! My evening sunflowers have germinated. Yippee!

Rosey said...

Rest up and take it easy. I hope you are feeling well soon.
The poinsettia is beautiful.
Like the cd's idea.

fer said...

Very nice, I had no idea cds work for that too. I only knew they deter birds from trees.
Also, that is a beautiful poinsettia you have there. I hope it grows nicely

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