Monday, August 2, 2010

Chinese superstition

I'm showing you a before & after pics here today but first of all i have a little story to tell...

Back in 2006 when we just moved into this house (i.e. No.2), our family was small- only my hubby and i and our 3 doggies- Abby, Bobby and Roy. I had the practise to lean a broom outside the house in the upside down position and facing the main door to safeguard our home. It is the Chinese belief that by doing this gives protection against intruders and would make unwanted guests want to leave sooner. I'm not sure why a broom has such power but it seemed work ;)

BEFORE - 2006
Nehhhhhhh---- see the broom?

AFTER - 2010
And this is how the door to the garden looks right now. It is now a mini patio for resting cum laundry. I think it looks very much better than before :)

I have more of the before & after pics that i need to tidy up a bit first before showing to you, very soon ya! :))

Have a great week ahead!

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