Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Saturday!

i'm always a happy bird when it comes to saturday bcoz it's my offday of the week, n ha! it's my gardening day!
so let's go play in the garden!...

let's have a peep into my tool box and see what i can make out of what i have here. hmm...
p/s: see my BABA cutter? he's one of my favourite buddies

itch itch! my hands getting itchy to see the wires n i came out with this... know what im thinking of? hehe.

and then i invited this lady (morning glory) out from the place where she used to be... n placed her somewhere else

Ta-Dah!! it's an arbor at the entrance to "Roy's Residence". how's that?
i can't afford to get one from SSF, it would cost me RM2.2k!!. i saw another cheaper one at Thow Lee the other day but i decided to DIY instead to get one of my own FEEL :) -- n hey, it only cost me less than RM0.50!!
i just can't wait to see how my baby climbs all over the arbor!
climb, baby, climb!!

okay here. to continue the story from my FB, this is what i've done to the broken curtain rail i got from a junker. i restored it with rollers, stoppers n painted it white... then i put up a curtain......... but in the garden? HUH???!! :D

Till then, have a fabulous Sunday tomorrow.
Good night n sweet dreams... hugs from milka xoxoxo

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